Rep. Doc Hastings of Washington state, the ranking Republican on the Natural Resources Committee, issued the following statement in response to the EPA's decision to review a petition to ban lead bullets:

This potential ban on lead bullets is another massive power grab by the EPA and the latest example of the Obama Administration’s assault on Rural America. Mandating non-lead bullets will greatly increase costs for hunters, sport shooters and fishermen and deal a devastating blow to the outdoor sportsmen and recreation industry during these difficult economic times. The EPA’s job-killing policies are threatening the livelihood of millions of Americans across the country.

“This isn’t the first time the Obama Administration has taken steps to ban lead sporting gear. In March 2009, during the Administration’s first weeks in office, the National Park Service announced a goal to ‘eliminate the use of lead ammunition and lead fishing tackle in parks by the end of 2010.’ The Administration’s strident stand on lead in parks makes the EPA’s steps towards a nationwide, blanket ban on all lead bullets especially alarming.

“Even more outrageous is that Congress intentionally wrote the law to prohibit the EPA from regulating shells and cartridges. This agency is deliberately and knowingly acting beyond its legal authority. From banning bullets to imposing a backdoor national energy tax on carbon emissions, one has to seriously wonder if the EPA believes there is any limit to their ability to harm our economy or control the lives of American citizens.”

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