Well that was quick. Just last week Matthew Futterman wrote in the Wall Street Journal that "as the U.S. Open begins on Monday, Andy Roddick will be celebrating his 28th birthday. He will also be facing what could be his last realistic shot at glory." Then suddenly, Roddick, ranked 9th, was ousted in last night's second round match by 44th-ranked Janko Tipsarevic, a colorful character from Serbia who sports an arm tattoo that reads, "Beauty will save the world."

During the third set, Roddick was set off by a lineswoman who called him on a foot fault. Video shows she was right—but she was wrong about which foot. The 2003 U.S. Open champion decided to make an issue not over the foot fault itself but the judge's mistaking the right foot for his left. (His serve would have otherwise been an ace.) And it was downhill from there.

So is this the end? Says Futterman,

Now Mr. Roddick is quieting whispers that he might be at the end of his career. "I'm going to throw a stat at you," he said defiantly after a straight-set loss to Gilles Simon earlier this month. "The average age of a top 100 player on tour is 27, so define end."

Here's one way to define it—the average age in the top five is 24.6.


And yet there is still so much for the young (in the nonprofessional sense) Roddick to look forward to. Such as spending more time with his wife, model Brooklyn Decker.

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