Mark Levin emails in response to my interview with Delaware GOP Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell:

Um, John, is this really a thoughtful interview? Where is she on the issues that I and millions of my listeners care about? Did you not want to delve into them for some reason? Also, who pays Castle's rent? Well, let's see, he's been on the government payroll for how long? I guess we, the taxpayers, pay his rent. You can do better. Best, Mark Levin

Readers can read the blog post and judge for themselves if it's thoughtful. Christine O'Donnell is a conservative, and I'm unaware of any issue on which she takes a liberal position. I don't think that's a matter of dispute, but I may delve into her beliefs more in a follow-up post. Feel free to check out her issues page on her website for now.

On the flip side, Ace of Spades, Fred Bauer, and Allahpundit make the conservative case against O'Donnell.

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