In an interview with Tom Joyner this morning, it seems the president debuted a new vaguely violent automotive metaphor for the ailing economy. Until now, the economy has been a mere car that Republicans had piloted into a ditch, and which Obama was valiantly if unsuccessfully trying to get running again. Unpleasant, but not overly traumatic. Today, the economy is "like a patient that got hit by a Mack keeps on getting can't run yet, but it's walking." Yikes, fearmonger.

By October, he'll be on the trail talking about how Republicans, who fell asleep at the wheel after they'd been out at the local honky-tonk drinking the High Life, drove the car that is the economy right into the path of an oncoming Mack truck. And, while they saved themselves in the aftermath, they left countless writhing victims behind them at the scene, so they could walk down to the 7-11 to get a Slurpee. Their literal thirst being slaked, they then satisfied their bloodlust by standing by the side of the road while Obama tried to clean up the grisly mess.

"I'm busy," Obama would say. "Nancy's busy with her mop cleaning up. Why don't you grab a mop and scoop up that foot over there? Huh, GOP?"

So, there's that to look forward to.

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