It’s becoming increasingly apparent that, all other things being equal, the small minority of House Democrats who voted against Obamacare are in much better electoral shape than the vast majority of those who voted for it. At least five of these 34 more independent-minded Democrats are now running ads touting their willingness to oppose President Obama on this crucial issue – as well they should. Now GOP candidates need to force them to take the next step.

As far as I am aware, not a single House Democrat who opposed Obamacare has publicly pledged support for repealing it. GOP candidates need to force them to do so – or else force them to convey that they’re unwilling to do so. Either way, it’s a winning proposition for the GOP: It will either put another person on record as being in favor of repeal, or else it will help voters to differentiate between a candidate who is truly opposed to Obamacare and one whose allotment of political courage was used up during the vote back in March.

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