Well, well, well, Charlie Cook. Maybe you'd like to retract some of your earlier projections for a Republican tidal wave? Because Democrats are about to design their way to victory!

The Democratic National Committee has revamped both its logo and website in hopes of taking on a sleeker, less bureaucratic perception among voters.

The re-design went live on Wednesday morning with an accompanying tag line: "Democrats: Change That Matters." In place of the former logo -- DNC in block letters filled with an American flag -- the committee opted for a capital D engulfed by a blue-band circle.

Kaine had touted a "major" announcement about the "future of the party" today, and this is it. Democrats have now taken Obama's car metaphor to its most literal possible conclusion:

They've also adopted a new tagline: "Change that matters." Is it wise to keep talking about change in a change election that is clearly about changing a lot of Democrats into Republicans?

In his announcement, DNC Chairman Tim Kaine called the new site an "action-oriented site" to "help the President and Democratic leaders move our country forward."

"We are Democrats. And, we're delivering the change that matters," he concluded. Indeed, November will be full of changes Democrats delivered that matter to me, but I don't think that's how he meant it.

How long before the RNC, in all its wisdom, answers Kaine's revamping with a new Republican logo, something like the R seen here?


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