It's becoming increasingly hard to find anyone who's willing to express support for Obamacare publicly. Politico now reports that three times more money is being spent on anti-Obamacare ads as on pro-Obamacare ads – among Democrats. Overall, the tally is seven to one. Moreover, the movement is strongly in that direction: In May, the overall tally was two-to-one against Obamacare.

Politico reports:

Since the beginning of Congress’s August recess, Democratic candidates have poured $930,000 into ads deriding the health overhaul but just $300,000 in pro-reform spots, according to Evan Tracey at Kantar Media.

“Go back to 2006, and even before that, and Democrats used health care as their No. 1 issue,” Tracey said. “They had a villain in the pharmaceutical industry.”

The Democrats have subsequently passed a health care overhaul that the pharmaceutical industry supports but which the vast majority of Americans oppose.

Now it's time to make the Democrats who are running anti-Obamacare ads publicly express their support for repeal.

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