North Dakota Democrat Earl Pomeroy, who was trailing his GOP opponent 45 percent to 48 percent in the most recent Rasmussen poll, has a new ad in which he touts his support for George W. Bush and the Medicare prescription drug plan.

Here's the ad:

The Hill reports:

A veteran Democratic incumbent facing a tough reelection challenge touted a relationship with President George W. Bush in a new campaign ad.

Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D-N.D.) released a new campaign ad emphasizing his ties to the former Republican president at a time when most Democrats are pummeling Bush, and warning that GOP wins this fall would mean a return to Bush-era policies.

"When George Bush proposed a Medicare prescription drug benefit, Earl Pomeroy voted yes, putting seniors before party," the ad says, depicting Bush at a signing ceremony for Medicare Part D.

Pomeroy's ad is the latest example of a red state Democrat trying to show independence from Washington Democrats. Mississippi representative Gene Taylor says he wants to ditch Nancy Pelosi as speaker and replace her with Missouri's Ike Skelton. Meanwhile, Senate candidate Governor Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who said days before final passage of Obamacare that he'd vote "for it," is now claiming he's in favor of "repealing the things that are bad" in Obamacare.

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