This morning a new Rasmussen poll shows Republican John Raese leading Democrat Joe Manchin 48% to 46% in the West Virginia Senate race.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is releasing a re-tread of an ad used in other races accusing the Republican of supporting tax breaks for corporations that ship jobs overseas. Their proof? Raese's Americans for Tax Reform pledge not to raise taxes.

But has explained before that this attack is dishonest. Here's the group's write-up from April when the ad was used by Democrats in a Pennsylvania special election:

There they go again.

Earlier this month, we called out Democrats for falsely accusing a Republican House candidate in Hawaii of pledging to protect tax breaks for sending jobs overseas. All he did was sign a pledge not to raise taxes. Now a Democratic candidate is making the same false claim against his opponent in another special election in Pennsylvania.

For Democrats, misrepresenting an opponent’s anti-tax position as an anti-jobs position is getting to be a bad habit.

In the latest ad, Democrat Mark Critz levels the false accusation against Republican candidate Tim Burns. They are both running in a tight race to fill the Pennsylvania seat left vacant by the death of veteran Democratic Rep. John Murtha. In the Critz ad, the narrator says, "Tim Burns wants to keep tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas." The point is underlined by a picture of a container ship, presumably filled with foreign-made goods coming to the U.S.A.

But this claim isn’t backed up. As justification, an on-screen graphic cites Burns’ signing of a no-tax-increase pledge sponsored by Americans for Tax Reform. But as we noted before, that pledge wouldn’t be violated by overhauling the tax code to remove any incentive for locating jobs abroad, so long as the overall rate of corporate taxation was not increased. For full details, see our April 9 article, "A False Tax Attack."

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