Rachida Dati, the former French minister of justice, suffered a slip of the tongue during a televised discussion when she made mention not of inflation but rather fellatio. (The two words in French are quite similar.) According to the BBC:

She told Canal Plus: "I see some [foreign investment funds] looking for returns of 20 or 25% at a time when fellatio is close to zero."

Within hours, the video was an internet hit on websites such as YouTube.

Ms Dati, now a Euro MP, later laughed off the whole episode saying she had spoken too quickly.

And really, what else is there to do? When Larry King delivered a commencement address to Gainesville High School in 2007, he mixed up the words success and sex (this apparently happens a lot during commencement speeches). King's honest explanation (as reported in the Gainesville Sun): "The reason I said 'sex' is I can't go 12 minutes without thinking about it." Does anyone doubt him? (Of course the most admirable recovery following a horrific slip was made by Fox's Shepherd Smith while reading an item about Jennifer Lopez.)

In some cases, saying whatever is on one's mind can be a career-killer (think Jimmy the Greek). The Flemish comedy show In De Gloria once ran a skit about a talkshow host who couldn't help but laugh at one of his guests who had suffered a medical mishap. And though it's entirely fictional (though thanks to the Internet many believed it to be real), it could very well happen at any moment.

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