We at THE WEEKLY STANDARD are interested in learning more about a previously unknown (at least to us!) Hong Kong resident who generously donated $811,967 to the liberal lobbying group J Street. Here's what we know about her: The woman's name is Consolacion Esdicul, but she goes by the diminutive Connie. She appears to be a resident of Happy Valley, Hong Kong. Esdicul is, according to J Street, an associate of Bill Benter, a famously successful international gambler.

We assume that somewhere in our wide readership there might be people who can enlighten us about this huge donor to the controversial and mysterious organization J Street. Please email tips and leads to dhalper[at]weeklystandard.com.

Useful tips about Ms. Esdicul will be rewarded with bumperstickers and tote bags from THE WEEKLY STANDARD store.

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