As noted here the other day, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee slashed by 50 percent its weekly ad buy in Pennsylvania. Now comes this report from the Hotline:

The DSCC has canceled some ad reservations in Kentucky, a likely sign that the Democratic committee is re-evaluating whether it is worth spending money there this year.

A Republican source who monitors ad buys told Hotline On Call that the DSCC has canceled reservations there for next week. The DSCC had reserved about $292K worth of air time during that time span.

It's a sign that even top Democrats don't buy that SurveyUSA poll showing Conway two points behind doesn't reflect what's actuall

Where's the money going?

Earlier Wednesday, the DSCC reserved air time in Connecticut, a state the was firmly in the Democratic column at the beginning of the cycle. The DSCC reserved $250K in Connecticut, roughly the same amount it is canceling in Kentucky.

David Freddoso notes other new independent expenditures by the DSCC:

  • CO-SEN (Bennet): $720,000 in television ads against Ken Buck, R.
  • IL-SEN (open, Burris): $464,500 in television ads against Mark Kirk, R.
  • MO-SEN (open, Bond): $362,500 in television ads against Roy Blunt, R.
  • WV-SEN (open, Goodwin): $386,000 in television ads against John Raese, R.
Update: On second thought, the DSCC has decided to keep spending money in Kentucky:

The DSCC now appears to be back up in Kentucky next week. A Democratic source says the ad buy is now there.

One Republican source said the DSCC has reached out to stations after canceling their buys for the week of Oct. 5.

"They canceled their Oct. 5 buys," a different Republican media buyer said. "But, they are still on the books for Oct. 12 through the election."

That media buyer explained that the DSCC may have tried to re-reserve time on those stations but at this point it is impossible to tell; the stations are closed for the day.

"They could have placed orders that are sitting in sales people's inboxes right now," the buyer said.

Calls and emails to all of the major stations in Kentucky have gone unreturned.

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