When Talking Points Memo is calling him the "poster child for the angry Left" and tweaking him in headlines—"That poll is bogus. I'm totally winning."— surely some of the shine has worn off this lefty Internet folk hero.

Grayson chatted with TPM about a poll by Susquehanna showing him down seven to Republican opponent Daniel Webster:

Grayson categorically dismissed the poll, which was published in the right-leaning Sunshine State News and was conducted by a firm owned by Republican pollster Susquehanna.

"This is a consistently biased pollster that comes up with polling that is not believable," he said. Grayson pointed to the internal poll he released last month showing him ahead of Republican nominee Webster by 13 points.

"I don't know how anybody could possibly believe we've dropped 20 points," he said.

While there is still plenty of fighting for Webster to do to win, the two-prong Grayson strategy to a) smear Webster with edited video clips and b) whine about the polls is not hurting Webster's effort.

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