The Wall Street Journal writes:

President Obama's fiscal 2012 budget doesn't cut much of anything…and certainly not the Internal Revenue Service. The White House is requesting that the most beloved of all government agencies get an additional 5,100 agents next year, no doubt to wring further tax revenue from Americans. The White House wants to give the IRS a 9.4% raise in fiscal 2012, to $13.28 billion. Reuters reports this would allow for a roughly 5% increase in agency manpower to 100,537….

Presumably part of the motivation behind President Obama’s proposed increase in the IRS budget is that Obamacare would require thousands of additional IRS agents (estimates range from 5,900 to 16,500) to enforce its requirement — since ruled unconstitutional by two federal district court judges — that every American must buy federally approved health insurance or else pay a fine for violating the law.

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