Fifty-two people in Wisconsin were un-enrolled in Obamacare due to a glitch. They all must now re-enroll in order to be covered by Obamacare. WKOW in Madison reports:

"52 Wisconsin residents who signed up for insurance on are about to find out they're going to have to do it all over again," says a local newsreader. "There's another problem with the federal agency in charge of the Affordable Care Act," says the other newsreader.

Says the local reporter, "We've heard a lot about how the problems with have been fixed, and while that's mostly true on the front-end, where consumers sign up, insurers say it's hardly the case on the back end. To understand this story, you have to learn a new term, known in the insurance industry as an 834s."

"Which are basically file transfers between the insurance companies and HHS," says an insurance expert.

"HHS is the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. One of the so-called front-end problems that's still occuring with the federal website is some people are getting signed up for plans with companies that don't cover their county."

"In other words, the insurer was going to offer coverage based on their zip code, where a zip code may cover multiple counties, that was where the issue ended up on the front-end problem. They bought a plan they weren't able to purchase," says the insurance expert.

HHS demanded that the "erroneous" 834s "be sent back to them." But there was a problem: "HHS apparently had no system in place to receive and store those files."

As a result, the consumer loses. "That means not only do those 52 people not have insurance, they are going to have to start the entire application process all over again with only two weeks left in the open enrollment period," says the local reporter.

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