AND IN other baseball news . . .

Two tidbits of addenda to my colleague Jonathan Last's earlier-posted report on Senator Kerry's appearance at last night's Red Sox-Yankees game.

First, there's this little gem from deep inside the sports pages of today's Boston Globe: "Presidential candidate John Kerry visited the Sox clubhouse before the game. His first order of business? 'Where's the men's room in here?'"

And then there's the following nugget from deep inside the Federal Election Commission's web site -- specifically, from page 8,668 of the Bush-Cheney '04 Primary Committee's 3rd Quarter 2003 disclosure filing, wherein we discover the only recently recorded campaign contribution from one Alexander Enmanuel Rodriguez, the generally acknowledged best all-around player in baseball. Who very much does not currently play for Senator Kerry's beloved Red Sox, but rather for that other team.

The Bushies will no doubt want to send the FEC a revised version of this report pronto so as to address that now obsolete "Employer: Texas Ranger" and "Occupation: Shortstop" business.

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