Gallup finds that an overwhelming 57 percent of American adults believe "the U.S. Government Should Approve of the Keystone XL Pipeline."

Only 29 percent of adults are against approving the pipeline.

This helps explain President Obama's attempted pivot on the issue. He is now not against the full pipeline--only half of it. "President Barack Obama will send a memo to federal agencies on Thursday directing them to prioritize permitting for TransCanada's southern leg of the Keystone oil pipeline," Reuters reports.

Facing a barrage of Republican criticism over high gasoline prices during the election year, Obama will visit Cushing, Oklahoma, on Thursday to promote his energy policies, which include support for the southern leg of the pipeline.

The pipeline would drain a glut of crude in Cushing, the storage hub for U.S. crude oil traded on the futures market, easing deliveries to refineries along the Gulf Coast.

But Bloomberg reports that, well, the southern part of the pipeline isn't what is being helped up by the Obama administration. "President Barack Obama’s promise to expedite review of the southern leg of TransCanada Corp. (TRP)’s Keystone XL pipeline won’t speed up the timeline for the project, which already is slated to start construction as soon as June," reports Bloomberg.

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