Bob Dole's efforts to appeal to conservatives are gaining momentum, as this schedule of Dole's activities this week, purloined from Dole for President headquarters, proves:

Monday, Des Moines. Call on Pulitzer Prize committee to revoke 1931 prize given to Stalin4oving New York Times reporter Walter Duranty.

Tuesday, Concord. Recognize Taiwan as the one true China; demand action on Quemoy and Matsu.

Wednesday, Manhattan. Apologize to the descendants of Douglas MacArthur for the Truman firing.

Thursday, Washington. Demand President Clinton pull U.S. from International Olympic Committee in order to prevent world government.

Friday, Ames. Accuse Evian of putting flouride in bottled water.

Saturday, Boca Raton. Insist that Banlett's include more quotations from Ronald Reagan.

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