What do doctors think of Obamacare? One good gauge is the views of doctors serving in the House of Representatives. Of the 16 doctors currently serving in the House -- perhaps an all-time high -- all but one voted for Obamacare's repeal.

Why would doctors oppose Obamacare? Perhaps it's because, as the recently released National Physicians Survey of nearly 3,000 doctors showed, by a margin of well over 3 to 1, doctors think that during the next five years (in the wake of ObamaCare's passage), the quality of American health care will "deteriorate" (65 percent) rather than "improve" (18 percent). Perhaps it’s because more than 9 out of 10 doctors in that same survey expect Obamacare's "impact" on doctors to be "negative" (78 percent), rather than "positive" (8 percent). Perhaps it's because, due to what appears to be naked political favoritism, Obamacare would effectively ban doctors from owning hospitals and from expanding those that they already own.

Or perhaps doctors simply oppose Obamacare for the same reasons that so many other Americans do: because it would increase spending, debt, health costs, and federal power, while reducing liberty.

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