Mike Warren reviews Act of Valor for the Washington Times:

Finally — the “anti-Hollywood” war movie.

That’s what co-directors Mike “Mouse” McCoy and Scott Waugh call “Act of Valor,” a soldier’s soldiering film that follows a team of Navy SEALs on a series of missions based on actual post-9/11 operations. The film opens Friday.

The filmmakers see “Valor” as, among other things, a corrective to the anti-military distortions that have streamed from Hollywood for decades.

“They’ve been so misrepresented as characters,” Mr. McCoy said. “They’re not these Rambo/Terminator dudes. And that’s what Hollywood’s portrayed them as. When we met the guys, we were just blown away. They were just really humble, down-to-earth dudes. We felt like we need to communicate that. The world needs to know that they’re family men.”

Not to mention precision fighting machines — and the very last people any jihadist of sound mind wants to encounter in the dark alleyways of the world’s anti-American terrorist networks.

Some moments in “Act of Valor” look at first like scenes from the Bourne films: shaky cameras darting between combatants, difficult-to-follow fight scenes, an urgent score thumping underneath. But unlike with Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne, the cameras don’t pause to let stunt doubles step in when the kicks and punches and gunfire begin. “Valor,” you see, stars real-life active-duty Navy SEALs. Those “stunts” they perform in the movie? Just another day at the office.

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