President Obama has just released this ad, which highlights the financial crisis of four years ago and then claims that, under Obama, the drop in employment has been reversed, and we're back on the right track for the middle class. Mitt Romney would be well served to run the following 30-second ad in response (based on the federal government's own figures):

[Dark music and ominous voice.]

"Remember four years ago? Both parties had inflated the housing bubble, we faced a financial crisis, and the portion of Americans who were employed fell to 62 percent [big "62" on the screen].

[More hopeful music and voice, quickly darkening with each subsequent sentence.]

"Then Barack Obama took office. He pushed through an $800 billion stimulus bill and a 2700-page health care bill. Now, just 58 percent of Americans are employed [big "58" on the screen]—four points LOWER than four years ago.

[Incredulous voice.]

"And he calls this moving forward?

[Upbeat voice and happy music playing.]

"Mitt Romney will repeal Obamacare, rein in federal spending, fight crony capitalism, and revive the middle class and Main Street. It's time to get America moving again.

"I'm Mitt Romney, and I approve this message."

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