President Barack Obama has taken some heat after appointing mainly men to key positions in his administration. Jack Lew, a man, was last week nominated to be treasury secretary--and Chuck Hagel was nominated as defense secretary and John Brennan as CIA director.

But those looking in are not the only folks to take note. It turns out, officials in the administration are noticing, too.

“I work in this administration, and I have to admit that I’m slightly annoyed by the lack of women around him in those key meetings,” an unnamed administration official tells the Hill newspaper. “I mean, c’mon, out of all those people, there’s one woman in the room?”

The official said the problem extended beyond the circle of his closest advisers and into the Cabinet. “You mean to tell me there’s not one woman who [was] qualified enough to be secretary of State, secretary of Defense or even White House chief of staff?” the official added.

It's rumored that the next chief of staff (since Lew, the current chief of staff, is moving over to the Treasury Department, will be another male--Denis McDonough.

The White House has tried to combat this image by releasing photos of President Obama with female advisors. Just yesterday, in fact, the White House tweeted this image:

But who knows? To those who see the inner workings of the administration on a daily basis, the fact that women are being trotted out for photo ops could just be making things worse.

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