Admiral William McRaven, commander of special operations, warned of the dangers of high-level national security leaks in an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer:

"On that sources and methods, there’s a huge uproar now, from your perspective, I’m anxious to get your sense about the leaks, about the bin Laden raid, whether it did undermine sources and methods, it went too far, there are investigations as you know on the Hill right now," said Blitzer to the admiral. "Can you share a thought with us on how you feel about all this?"

"Well we’re never happy when leaks occur, obviously," McRaven replied. "We go to great lengths to protect our national security, very great lengths to protect our sources and methods. So all of that we guard very carefully. Unfortuantely not everyone guards that very carefully. I think what you’ve seen is the secretary and the president and Capitol Hill are taking these leaks very, very seriously, as they should. And we need to do the best we can to clamp down on it, because sooner or later it’s going to cost people their lives, or it’s going to cost us our national security. So it is important.”

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