As House Republicans come under unfair and even vicious assault over the next hours and days, how to react? Here's a recommendation: Having had the great good fortune of seeing Cosi fan Tutte at the Met Saturday night, with the great James Levine back in the pit and an all-star cast led by Susanna Phillips as Fiordiligi, I'd advise taking to heart the words of the opera's finale:


Fortunato l'uom che prende

Ogni cosa per buon verso

E tra i casi e le vicende

Da ragion guidar si fa.

Quel che suole altrui far piangere

Fia per lui cagion di riso

E del mondo in mezzo ai turbini

Bella calma troverà.


Happy is the man who looks

At everything on the right side

And through trials and tribulations

Makes reason his guide.

What makes others weep

Will be for him a cause of mirth

And amid the tempests of this world

He will find sweet calm.

And so, House Republicans, amidst the trials and tribulations and tempests ahead--stay calm and cheerful.
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