Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraising pitches like this have been coming in for a couple years--most of them come from Democrats 2014 or Democratic Headquarters; quite a few from Nancy Pelosi; a handful from Obama and Biden. But I'm pretty sure this is the first one from Elizabeth Warren. And it comes at the end of a very bad week for Hillary.

Friends --

Let me be clear:

Republicans blocked student loan reform last week because they didn’t want to close tax loopholes for millionaires and billionaires.

It’s just plain wrong.

Americans need to know whose side the Republican Party stands on. They stand only for the people who have already made it to the top, not the people who are still trying to get a fair shot.

So I'm asking a quick favor: Can you chip in today to the DCCC's campaign to defeat House Republicans who pick billionaires over students?

Chip in $5 immediately >>

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Or click here to donate another amount.

By blocking student loan reform, Republicans are turning their backs on 40 million people across the country who work hard and play by the rules, only to find themselves crushed under the weight of enormous student debt.

That’s 40 million people who have to think twice about buying homes, cars, starting small businesses, saving for retirement and making purchases that would strengthen our economy.

Will you chip in to help defeat the Republicans who are turning a blind eye to our students to pay for more millionaire tax breaks?




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