Politico reports:

I'll post more on this when I have it, but two sources who are familiar with the recanvassing of the voting machines in NY-1 tell me that GOPer Randy Altschuler, who'd been down several thousand votes to Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop is now up between 300 and 400 with the recanvass completed.

There's over 9,000 absentee ballots to be counted starting next week, but the Republican had been down by 3,400.

UPDATE: Altschuler spokesman Rob Ryan says the number is 392 and that it was the number their campaign lawyer received from the Board of Elections....

This is a pretty dramatic turn of events in a race in which even many Republicans privately thought Altschuler should have conceded earlier this week.

I noted earlier today that if NY-25 is won by GOPer Ann Marie Buerkle when the absentee ballots are finished, it will put the Republicans at six House seats captured here. Altschuler would be seven, and an astonishing feat for the national GOP.

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