Bill Gertz reports:

An intelligence contractor who disclosed a top-secret National Security Agency electronic surveillance program surfaced in Hong Kong on Sunday and suggested he planned to defect to China.

Edward Snowden, a cyber security technical specialist with the intelligence contractor Booz, Allen, Hamilton, appeared in a video posted by the British newspaper the Guardian, which first disclosed the spying program and other top-secret details of U.S. government electronic intelligence and surveillance.

Asked by Guardian correspondent Glenn Greenwald about his presence in Hong Kong and whether he plans to defect to China, Snowden said the assumption that “China is an enemy of the United States” is wrong. “It’s not,” he said.

Despite conflicts between the U.S. and Chinese governments, the peoples of the two countries do not care, he said. “We’re not at war, in armed conflict … we’re the largest trading partners,” he said.

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