It seems that everyone has their own favorite moment of our president’s mirror-gazing. Here are some sent in by readers.

Reader S.V. passes along Obama being interviewed by Cathleen Falsani back in 2004 about his religious beliefs:

FALSANI: Do you believe in sin?


FALSANI: What is sin?

OBAMA: Being out of alignment with my values.

Then, courtesy of reader M.C. there’s this time-lapsed video of Obama giving a speech about jobs in January 2010. The takeway: He mentions “taxpayers” once, “small business” 8 times, and himself 132 times. He looks so happy!

Finally, reader J.H.V. points us to the post-election transition period when Obama had his podiums adorned with a placard proclaiming “Office of the President Elect.” Don’t forget, America: He won.

If I've missed your favorite, drop me a line at jlast[at] Just don't make fun of the president's ears. He doesn't like that.

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