The Department of Health and Human Services is beginning a public effort to educate and train Americans about health insurance ahead of the implementation of parts of Obamacare this fall. USA Today reports that HHS and Secretary Kathleen Sebelius have launched a new website and videos (including this one about the Obamacare exchanges) and will include travel by government officials to promote the law.

"Sebelius said the department has lost about $15.5 billion from its budget due to the mandatory cuts, called sequestration, that started March 1," USA Today reports. "But travel by department officials to promote the 2010 health care law remains a priority, she said. The department has made cuts in other areas, such as printing and conferences."

In March, HHS announced a five-year, $6 million parking-lot lease for a facility in Maryland. Sebelius has also made efforts in recent months to raise money from private corporations to assist in promoting and implementing Obamacare.

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