The guy was a political science major, he knows about politics, he’s clever, he’s smart, he’s funny. It’s what people talk about at dinner parties, it’s what people talk about in the office, and it has united Washington in a way that I have never seen before.

This according to Sally Quinn who knows more about – and has more invested in – Washington dinner parties than anyone alive. The figure about whom she gushes is the rookie quarterback of the Washington Redskins, Robert Griffin III. Or, as he is universally known, RG3.

Griffin is, indeed, some little bit of hell as a quarterback, and he did lead his team to an impressive win, last Monday night, over the New York Giants, reigning Super Bowl champs. He may ultimately deliver the Redskins from the valley of despond where they have dwelled for many seasons as high priced, over-the-hill free agents and celebrity coaches have come and gone and the team has failed, even, to make the playoffs. A few weeks ago, it appeared this trend would continue. The Redskins lost and their coach more or less wrote the season off when he talked about playing the rest of the games to see who was going to be around in years to come when, presumably, the team would contend.

Now, however, the Redskins are alive for the playoffs. Some of their fans are, no doubt, thinking Super Bowl. They have a quarterback, at last. One who can beat the other team with his arm or his legs and then captivate the media and the whole town of Washington, to include the Georgetown dinner party circuit, with his personality. A Super Bowl for the Redskins would be sublimely fitting coming just a couple of weeks after Washington has lavishly celebrated itself during the Inauguration ceremonies and balls and parties. The town is rich and getting richer, prospering even as the nation out beyond the Potomac struggles. How better to confirm the majesty and glamour of Washington than to have the Redskins in the Super Bowl and come out winning.

A united Washington, from office to dinner party. A terrifying prospect. But then, perhaps the Redskins will make it to the playoffs and, then, the Super Bowl where they will go up against the Indianapolis Colts.

The Colts also have a rookie quarterback who is on fire and he has brought his team back from a season when they had the worst record in the NFL. With the first pick in the college draft, the Colts selected Andrew Luck who finished just behind RG3 for the Heisman trophy. The Colts plan was to rebuild around Luck and hope that he would, in time, do for them what the departing Peyton Manning had done. Namely, take them to the top and keep them there, season after season. Luck came into a bad situation which got a lot worse when the Colts head coach was diagnosed with cancer. But the team has played with grit and Luck has brought the Colts back in a number of close games, including the one last week against Detroit when he passed for the winning touchdown with no time remaining. The Colts could easily make the playoffs and who knows ... maybe the Super Bowl.

And if the Colts were to play the Redskins, darlings of a united Washington, with a quarterback who actually "... was a political science major [and] knows about politics." Which team would the ordinary fan pull for?

Easy call. Could there be a more flyover city than Indy? So it will be the Imperial City against ... the rest of us.

And, then, just for a little lagniappe, Andrew Luck took a degree in architecture from Stanford.

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