The Affordable Care Act is, evidently, still a work in progress, though it has long since been “the law of the land,” and made available (more or less) via a website to a confused and disgruntled public. There have been many tweaks, modifications, waivers, and exemptions since then. Too many, it sometimes seems, for the average citizen to follow. Which, in fact, may be the intention.

The latest modification seems reasonable enough. It allows employers to add veterans to their payrolls without it counting against the 50 person ceiling after which the mandate kicks in. As Sophie Novack writes in Government Executive:

Supporters of the bill say it is intended to encourage employers to hire veterans by eliminating the desire to avoid hitting the mandate cutoff. They also say the current level of veteran unemployment is unacceptable.

Which would seem to concede the argument to those who have held, all along, that the ACA creates a disincentive to grow for businesses that employ under 50.

And growth would lead to more jobs for veterans and all others.

Washington hasn’t been able to get around to a plan for growth, however. It has been too busy making fixes to the Affordable Care Act.

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