First it was Jon Lovett, who left his White House job as speech writer to go to Hollywood to help create the "comedy" 1600 Penn. Now, it's lead speech writer Jon Favreau, who is considering "trying his hand at another form of drama — as a screenwriter, perhaps in Los Angeles," according to the Los Angeles Times.

Former White House advisor David Plouffe tells the paper that Favreau's four years at the White House will help him. "He can write comedy, history, drama, suspense," Plouffe tells the paper. "He's got the whole range."

Favreau is perhaps best known for dating a celebrity and playing shirtless beer pong in Georgetown. "People magazine named him one of the world's most beautiful people," writes the Times. "He went out with actress Rashida Jones, best known for her role in 'The Office.' One night, as he and some friends played a shirtless game of beer pong in Georgetown, someone snapped a photo that ended up on the blog FamousDC, with the headline: 'White House Gone Wild.'"

He was also photographed with his hand on the chest of a lifesize cut-out of Hillary Clinton. For this he had to apologize to Mrs. Clinton.

David Plouffe, in the Los Angeles Times piece, credits Favreau for writing President Barack Obama's Second Inaugural Address and the president's health care speech to a joint session of Congress. "If there were any doubts about him, Favreau quickly dispelled them when he wrote the first inaugural address and the president's healthcare speech to Congress, said David Plouffe, a longtime Obama advisor."

And just recently, Favreau took credit for writing Obama's Second Inaugural Address in an interview with the Huffington Post.

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