Speaking at a recent town hall meeting, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont tried to have it both ways on Gaza. Wrong, he said, to shoot rockets. But Israel overreacted. This is the progressive equivocation. The precise, moderate, and acceptable reaction by a nation that his under rocket attack has, so far, not been outlined with any precision. But, safe to say, whatever it is, Israel is guilty of exceeding it.

Sanders’ audience was not buying and, as Colby Itkowitz of the Washington Post reports:

At a town hall meeting in Cabot, Vt. over the weekend, Sanders began to answer a question about the conflict by saying that Israel had “overreacted,” but that Hamas was firing missiles into Israel from “populated areas,” and later said the militant Palestinian Islamist group did not want Israel to exist.

Several people in the audience began screaming over each other at Sanders.

“Excuse me, shut up!” Sanders yelled. “You don’t have the microphone.”

No. But they make themselves heard.

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