More good news for Republican Tom Cotton in his race for the open 4th Congressional District seat in Arkansas.

John Brummett, the dean of Arkansas political reporters, projects Cotton the winner in the 4th district race. “Putting my money on Tom Cotton, the war veteran and resume-rich young Republican from Dardanelle,” writes Brummett.

Meanwhile, more bad news for Democrats in Arkansas. A new poll taken for Roby Brock’s Talk Business shows President Obama will be a huge drag on Democrats running in Arkansas next year. The president’s approval rating is a mere 31 percent, and his disapproval rating in Arkansas is a stunning 63 percent.

Cotton is the one-time Arkansas farm boy who graduated with honors from Harvard and Harvard Law before turning his back on a lucrative legal career to volunteer to serve as a Ranger officer in Iraq and Afghanistan. When asked why he is running for Congress, he responds, “For the same reasons I volunteered for military service.”

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