Hollywood loves a controversy: Ballerina Sarah Lane says that Natalie Portman only danced about five percent of the full-body shots in Black Swan, for which the actress was given an Oscar. Director Darren Aronofsky responded that Portman danced in about 90 percent of the shots. In any case, Lane was paid rather little for her work, which involved wearing sensors so special-effects experts could easily put Portman's face on her body.

Washington state is facing its budget crisis -- and asking what the role of government is in promoting the arts.

As Manhattan Institute's Josh Barro says, "If this doesn't get liberals to oppose corporate welfare for the entertainment industry, I don't know what will." TLC's Sarah Palin's Alaska received a $1.2 million subsidy from Alaskan taxpayers.

Internet fans have raised $60,000 to grace Detroit with a statue of one of its most famous sons -- RoboCop.

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