The Library of Congress has opened a "National Jukebox" on the Internet. It has more than 10,000 recordings and more are on the way, in genres from classical to Tin Pan Alley. But heed the LoC's disclaimer: "WARNING: Historical recordings may contain offensive language."

The building that John Betjeman helped save from the wrecking ball has now been restored -- and it's glorious.

Over a third of Android and iPhone owners use an app -- such as Facebook -- before getting out of bed in the morning.

How baseball is like classical music: This opinion piece by David Lang, cofounder of Bang on a Can, is a bit of a stretch, but it offers some interesting insights:

Classical music is also about the keeping of an intense set of records and statistics. It is about a reverence for the giants of the past, and a constant measurement of what is happening now against what has come before. We hear a Beethoven symphony at the New York Philharmonic and it is in instant contact with all the other live performances of it we have ever heard, with all the things we have ever thought about it, with the legendary recordings of Toscanini, von Karajan and Kleiber.

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