Organized religion will all but disappear from nine countries, mathematicians predict -- even in traditionally Catholic Ireland.

From Kander & Ebb to Kander & Pierce? John Kander, the co-creator of Chicago and Cabaret, takes on his first partner since the death of Fred Ebb seven years ago.

Some Girl Scouts have found yet another way to get you to buy their delicious but sugar-laden cookies: They take credit card payments by smartphone.

Wordsmiths are up in arms about the venerable Oxford English Dictionary adding Internet-inspired acronyms to its latest addition. The new words include LOL, IMHO, and TMI. The editors say, however, that OMG was used in a letter as far back as 1917. I'm just surprised it took them this long to add "muffin top." And, OED -- it's definitely the five-second rule and not the ten-second rule. That would just be disgusting.

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