"NEA Research Director Sunil Iyengar said the fact that performing arts ticket revenue is bigger than movie ticket sales will surprise many people." Not those who know that movie tickets are around $10, and a night at the opera can start at $100. Another story on the study conducted by the National Endowment for the Arts offers more numbers. But if the goal was to emphasize the importance of arts to Americans in the hopes of keeping federal dollars secure, is trumpeting the fact that people spend so much on them the way to go? Left out, too, is the fact that live opera, for example, is expensive to produce, and can't count on revenues from a global audience, like movies can -- except, perhaps, for those produced by the Met, which offers an HD performance an opera through cinemas.

The worst poem ever written? James Abbott's ode to Osama bin Laden's place of death.

"You can see it, and you can pee in it": a reproduction of Duchamp's "Fountain" housed in a men's room is the launchpad for a discussion of art and power.

For sale: Norman Mailer's apartment. Large collection of photographs of the author with various celebrities not included.

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