Shakespeare might be the greatest writer ever to live, but he ranks only 40 out of 100 on this list -- a charity contest whose winner is chosen American Idol-style. Voting ends tomorrow for the Chase Community Giving project on Facebook. While arts organizations struggling to survive turn to social media for help, one critic believes such competitions "turn theaters into online hucksters, which lacks dignity and turns off many real artists."

"Film executives are creatures of habit, and habit dictates that certain types of movies are released at certain times of the year to satisfy certain types of movie goers." But why? Amy Biancolli asks a good question. Do producers really think critics will forget their masterpieces when it comes time to pick the best films of the year? And do they think no one's in the mood to think when the temperature rises? "Starting with 2005's Good Night, and Good Luck, Clooney has appeared on the big screen almost exclusively between September and December. His polar opposite is Fast Five's Vin Diesel, who's strictly a March-through-August man - having shunned the cooler months since Knockaround Guys in October 2002."

Research in Britain indicates the average woman buys half her body weight in clothing each year, and has a wardrobe four times the size as the average woman's in 1980. But here's a statistic that made even this clotheshorse feel better: "The average woman now has 22 garments hanging in her wardrobe that she has never worn."

One out of every three electronic readers download material illegally. At least so says a British firm that studied the issue. I'm skeptical, but perhaps things are different in Britain. Here Amazon and other sites make it easy to get content onto your device legally -- though eBook prices have certainly gone up since Amazon caved to publishers and allowed many of them to set their own prices.

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