"The Intellectual as Courtier": Paul Rahe looks at the history of thinkers seduced by tyrants -- including those who have defended the autocratic Qaddafi.

Robert McCrum blames Americans for asking the authorship question. He then asks the professionals -- actors and directors -- what kind of man comes to mind when they think of and work through Shakespeare.

As municipalities facing budget crises move to trim or extinguish tax credits for filmmakers, Newark aims to become the next hot Hollywood locale. Governor Chris Christie has suspended incentives in New Jersey, but Cory Booker, mayor of its largest city, mixed and mingled at Sundance, hoping to drum up interest in Newark. Critics raise questions, however, about whether tax incentives actually do much for the local economy.

YouTube clip of the day: 1980s teen classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off turned into a trailer for an indie flick:

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