The Spectator across the pond has taken inspiration from Washington. It offered a competition based on the Post's for the most "toe-curlingly bad analogies." The winners are here -- though I actually think this one is quite good: "The accountant had the world-weary air of a ferret that had been up so many trouser legs that life held no more surprises."

Executives at the bankrupt Borders will get bonuses based on how much they recover for creditors.

Sony is closing its PlayStation network indefinitely while it rebuilds after a hacking attack. It's unclear yet what user information, such as credit card numbers, has been compromised.

Lindsay Lohan's next role: janitor at a morgue. Perhaps the troubled actress, who just served five hours in jail, will discuss it when she appears on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight.

We didn't have these when I was young: the best educational apps for elementary students lucky enough to have the use of an iPad.

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