Mike Doran tells the Washington Post what's going on with Syria, Russia, and the United States:

WV: Let’s take the optimistic view that Russia and Syria are sincere — implausible as it may be — and Assad gives up his chemical weapons. Would there be any downside to that seemingly best-case scenario?

MD: First of all, “sincere” and “Assad regime” are not words that any adult with any direct experience with this phenomenon would use in the same sentence. But, working with your thought experiment, yes there is a downside to the scenario. As I mentioned in the tweets, we are now the partners of those powers. What happened to President Obama’s other policy of “Assad must step aside”? When we rush to embrace rivals and enemies, what signal does that send, around the Middle East, about our resolve and reliability? Around the world? If you are, say, South Korea today, watching what is happening, this behavior might make you very nervous. There are a lot of jittery allies today in many places where there are very serious stakes at risk.

Whole thing here.

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