A new poll finds that assisted suicide and medical marijuana are popular in the state of Massachusetts.

By a margin of 58-25 percent, Massachusetts support a ballot measure that would help legalize assisted suicide, according to left-leaning polling outfit Public Policy Polling. The same poll finds that medical marijuana is supported by a margin of 60-27 percent.

Here are the details:

-Massachusetts' ballot initiatives on both assisted suicide (58/25) and medical marijuana (60/27) continue to lead for passage by wide margins. What's interesting about these is that both of them have support across party lines. Democrats (61/22), independents (61/22), and Republicans (47/38) all favor the assisted suicide measure. And it's the same story when it comes to medical marijuana with Democrats (67/20), independents (59/27), and Republicans (45/41) all expressing support.

The Massachusetts Medical Society on Monday morning officially came out against two ballot questions going before voters in November that, if approved, would legalize medical marijuana and allow terminally ill patients to self-administer life-ending medications after first consulting and seeking a prescription from a doctor.

“These are important health care questions for the state and patients deserve to know what we think and where we stand on these issues,” said Richard Aghababian, the Society’s president. Aghababian said the MMS, which represents over 24,000 physicians in Massachusetts, said the idea of “physician-assisted suicide is fundamentally incompatible with the physician’s role as healer,” according to a statement.

The group also argued that it is difficult for doctors to accurately predict the end of a person’s life due to illness within six months, and claimed that the ballot question lacked protections for patients to protect against being coerced into making life-ending decisions.

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