Oh boy. House Republicans should do their best to get Holder in front of a camera whenever they can. He's really his own worst enemy:

A visibly frustrated Attorney General Eric Holder slammed the table when responding to a question about Operation Fast and Furious during a Tuesday budget hearing before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies.

“That was a fundamentally flawed program, fundamentally flawed,” Holder said of Fast and Furious. “And, I think that I can agree with some of my harshest critics that there are legitimate issues that need to be explored with regard in which the way Fast and Furious was carried out.”

“But, I think one thing that also has to be understood is that once this was brought to my attention” — Holder said before slamming his hand on the committee room table he was sitting at — “I stopped it. I stopped it.”

Over at Hot Air, Ed Morrissey has the video of Holder's testimony. Just to remind the Attorney General before he climbs up on his high horse again, there's still thousands more documents on the scandal that the DOJ has yet to turn over to House investigators. And the mother of murdered border patrol agent Brian Terry is none too happy with how Holder has handled the scandal.

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