President Obama's top political adviser, David Axelrod, came under heavy fire this morning on MSNBC this morning about high-level national security allegedly coming from the White House:

Axelrod at first dances around the issue, claiming that others do not believe that the leaks are coming from the White House (which is not the same as saying, with absolute certainty, that the leaks did not come from individuals in the White House).

But finally, when pushed more directly, Axelrod is not able directly to deny that the White House might be in some way responsible for the leaks.

“It is very obvious, it is very obvious the White House is leaking classified information,” says MSNBC host Joe Scarborough.

"Well, Joe, I can tell you, that the president of the United States did not leak classified information, as Mitt Romney suggested yesterday, didn't authorize the leak of classified information, as Mitt Romney suggested yesterday, and I think it was largely a diversion because, what's he going to talk about?," Axelrod said.

At another point, Scarborough asked, "Why is it leaking out of the White House? How do we stop it?"

Joe, there's an investigation going – well, you stop it by sending strong signals," said Axelrod. "Strong signals have been sent. There are leaks out of every administration."

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