Barack Obama senior adviser David Axelrod promised to shave off his mustache of 40 years is Mitt Romney wins Minnesota, Michigan, or Pennsylvania. He made the promise on MSNBC--and pledged to come back on Morning Joe for the shaving.

"i will shave off my mustache of 40 years if we lose any of those three states," Axelrod said of Minnesota, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. "And i think they know that as well."

A new poll today finds Romney losing to Obama in Michigan, a typical Democratic stronghold, by less than 3 percentage points. Republicans also believe Romney has a chance to pull out a win in Pennsylvania and Minnesota, and are now beginning to pour money into the state 6 days before Election Day.

For his part, host Joe Scarborough promised to grow a mustache if Obama is able to win Florida or North Carolina, two swing states that now lean in Romney's favor.

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