President Obama's top political adviser, David Axelrod, gave an interview to WNYC but refused to go on the record about the Democratic party plaform's omission of God and Jerusalem from this year's document. Bob Hennelly, the reporter conducting the interview, writes:

There was one subject Axelrod did not want to go on tape about: the omission of God and the reference to Jerusalem as Israel's capital from the party platform. He said it was a mistake and confirmed that as soon as the president learned about the omission he told party officials to re-insert the language.

The interview is supposed to be a recap of the convention, but because of the ground rules, fails to address one of the most newsworthy aspects of the convention.

"The Charlotte airport was abuzz Friday, as David Axelrod, a senior Obama campaign advisor, was swarmed by out going Democratic delegates as they sought pictures with President Barack Obama’s key strategist," WNYC writes.

"Axelrod was pleased with the convention and believed they built a case for a second term for President Obama. He sat down with WNYC’s Bob Hennelly to talk about the convention and the economy, the issue that might be the biggest hurdle to re-election."

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