The British Labour party announced David Axelrod will be working to help Ed Miliband become the next prime minister.

"David Axelrod will play a key role in Labour’s general election campaign as a Senior Strategic Adviser, the Party can announce today," reads a press release.

The strategist who masterminded Barack Obama’s back-to-back presidential victories in 2008 and 2012 has agreed to work with Labour to get Ed Miliband elected as Prime Minister in 2015.

His new role is the culmination of several months’ effort led by Douglas Alexander, Labour’s Chair of General Election Strategy, to secure the services of Mr Axelrod and the firm, AKPD, until the general election in May next year.

Mr Axelrod will become an integral part of Labour’s team, working closely with Mr Alexander, Spencer Livermore, the Campaign Director, and Stan Greenberg, the Party’s senior pollster. He will also participate in regular strategic discussions with Mr Miliband and the Labour campaign team.

The former Senior Adviser in President Obama’s White House will arrive on May 14 in London for two days of strategy meetings with Mr Miliband, Harriet Harman, and other senior Shadow Cabinet members.

Senior figures in AKPD, including veterans from the Obama for America campaign Larry Grisolano and Mike Donilon, will further strengthen Labour’s campaign with their expertise.

They will join Mr Axelrod for the strategy meetings in London next month and AKPD’s work for Labour is expected to increase in the first months of next year as the general election approaches.

There's no word on how much Axelrod is expected to be paid for his counsel.

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