Via Hot Air, Michele Bachmann was asked Thursday she would like to apologize for repeating a woman's story that the HPV vaccine caused "mental retardation" in her daughter. CBS reports:

"During the debate, I didn't make any statements that would indicate that I'm a doctor, I'm a scientist or that I'm making any conclusions about the drug one way or another," the GOP presidential hopeful told reporters.... Asked whether she would apologize for comments that outraged medical experts say will discourage parents from getting their children immunized, Bachmann said: "Oh, I'm not going to answer that."

Following Tuesday's debate, Bachmann said: "There’s a woman who came up crying to me tonight after the debate. She said her daughter was given that vaccine. She told me her daughter suffered mental retardation as a result of that vaccine." There's no scientific evidence that the HPV vaccine can cause "mental retardation."

Bachmann took what was a legitimate issue and probably rendered it impotent by credulously repeating crackpot claim. Two scientists have offered Bachmann $11,000 if she can prove the claim is true.

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