Maryland governor Martin O’Malley is lending last minute support today to Democratic Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett in Wisconsin, days before the June 5th gubernatorial recall election. O’Malley is chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, so trying to get Barrett elected is (at least part of) his job. But will he be of any help?

A video released by the Republican Governor’s Association ties the Democrats together, suggesting that Barrett would, if elected, try to emulate O’Malley. “The largest tax hike in history,” the ad says, showing a picture of the Marylander and referring to O’Malley’s recent tax hikes. The spot then shows a picture of Tom Barrett, with this question: “Sound Familiar?”

Just last week Maryland finalized a new round of large tax increases, including an income tax increase for those making more than $100,000 a year. Along with raising taxes, since getting elected in 2007, O’Malley has increased state spending by about 11 percent, and expanded collective bargaining rights within the state.

Are these the sort of policies Barrett would pursue as governor of Wisconsin?

President Obama is sitting this recall election out, but former President Bill Clinton is not. He will be campaigning for Barrett on Friday.

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